History of Rock Ridge Hunt Club

Wade and Michelle Latz started Rock Ridge Hunt Club in 2001 just minutes away from the intersection of Highway 53 and 64 near Bloomer, Wisconsin.  The game farm was started as a means to follow their passion of working with bird dogs and being around bird dog enthusiasts.

The goal was to create a relatively small family run, high quality hunting, boarding, and training business.

Due to unprecedented public demand for training and boarding, hunting was discontinued after the 2010 season.  All efforts and resources were then focused on maintaining a top notch boarding and training facility with amenities not found elsewhere.  In 2016 a new kennel and training facility was built just down the road from the original homestead. A heated and air conditioned kennel designed for sporting breads is now in operation. The 190 acres available for dogs to be able to "stretch their legs" is unmatched by most other training and boarding facilities.  Training is enhanced as a past game farm makes for a very realistic environment by which to train a dog for a lifetime of pleasurable and controlled hunting.  This allowable acreage also allows for a boarding exercise routine where a dog goes home tired rather than full of pent up energy due to a lack of exercise.

For more information or to schedule a tour, feel free to contact us by calling 715-568-3420.