Bloomer Dog Boarding

Rock Ridge Hunt Club offers full boarding services for owners who want a safe facility to take care of their canine companion.  We are very proud to offer a 190 acre facility where your canine friend can enjoy your time apart as much as you do.  The daily rate includes a minimum of two potty walks per day and a stay in a fully heated and air conditioned kennel. Weather permitting; kennel guests will enjoy an added exercise routine in the form of long distance runs throughout the farm.  A snowmobile or ATV (depending on the season) will be used to exercise the dogs for approximately two miles per day.  We feel that our boarding package puts us head and shoulders above other places that offer a daily leash walk as an alternative to real activity. We know the last thing you want to deal with is a pet that has excess energy when you get home from your travels. We make sure they will want to rest, when taken home, as much as you do.



$15.00 per calendar day

Indoor Training and Kennel Facility